Classic Start Menu

In my opinion, this is one of the most appreciated add-ons out there.  It gets rid of that goofy format the Start Menu has been using since WinXP and returns it to the nice, functional menu it used to be.


The download link is here.  During the install, I'd recommend you click on each of the other three boxes than 'Classic Start Menu' and select the 'Entire feature will be unavailable' option.  We don't want to screw with Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer, nor do we want it bugging us with updates.


If an Settings box doesn't pop up after it's installed, right-click on the Start Menu and open 'Settings'.

Click on these tabs:

Special Items — You'll want to glance over this list and see if there's any area you want to display that's current set to 'Don't display'.  I turn off 'Computer' since I have the 'Computer' icon on my Desktop.

Main Menu — I turn off 'recent  or frequent programs'.

General Behavior — I turn off the 'Highlight newly installed' option, 'Windows updates'.

Search Box — I turn off the 'search box' since I use the search box in individual folders and Super Finder for the serious stuff.

As for the items in the new 'Classic Shell' Start Menu entry, you can toss them all.  The only one you might want to access in the future is the Settings, and that can be accessed by right-clicking on the Start Menu button or the entry on the Start Menu's 'Settings' area.