I was thinking of the word "secrets" the other day, and started counting up how many 'official' secrets I knew.  This would run the gamut from the 'secret' of Subway Sandwiches (their best meal isn't even on the menu) to real secrets that I, alone, possess.

I came up with the following.  The last three could potentially be worth millions of dollars.  And, at age 63, it's fairly apparent that I'm not going to actually do anything with these three gems, so I figure I might as well pass them along to the public domain and maybe somebody else can wrangle their fortune out of them.

In a somewhat ascending order of importance:

Subway Sandwiches — Best thing in the joint and it's not even on the menu

The Perfect Drink Coaster — And they said it couldn't be done

Used Books — A penny for your someone's thoughts?

Printer Ink — Introducing an entire new genre of merchandise

Kitchen Tips — Two mysteries solved

For Men In Their Mid-30's Only — This is only of concern if you enjoy sex

The Terriblest Truth For Men — A sad, but enlightening moment

My Best Medical Tips — I'm living proof that none of these will actually kill you

Growing Pot — Two little tips and you just increased your yield about 1,000%

How To Contact Every Member of Congress — This can only be done once

How To Get On TV At The Olympics — Possibly

How To Get Into Guinness — Okay, this might take a few bucks

The Hippies — One of the biggest lies you've ever been told

Usenet — A wonderful source for porn, pirated software, TV shows, etc

Little Things — Some minor things you might be wondering about

Miracle Cure — A marketing idea that could be worth zillions

The Magic Elixir — I accidentally invented the first 'elixir' in a thousand years

The Iridium Strike — A real treasure hunt from 40 long, dry, dusty years ago