Scoring A ’10′ In The Political Olympics



"Exactly how it’s done."

"The artist at work."

Uh-yup.  If you’re going to give somebody the finger in public, this is how it’s done.  I suggest you learn from the master, boys and girls.

This video has been floating around for a day or two.  The reason I’m suddenly posting it is because this version has a better angle than the one that’s being shown around town.

And as far as whether it was intentional or not, listen to what he’s saying as he does it:

"She was taking every opportunity to get a dig in there…"

…and so am I!

Still want to say it was unintentional?

And as far as whether or not it’s ‘undignified’ or ‘unpresidential’, well, may I remind us that our presidents have been caught on tape mouthing some pretty vile stuff, and if Hillary can flat-out lie and remain in the race, then a mere bird flip seems pretty tame in comparison.

And, for that matter, who’s to say it’s undeserved?