History’s Mysteries: What Killed The Titanic?

Okay, we know why the Titanic sank.  It hit a huge iceberg while barreling along at full speed.

The question is, what was the huge iceberg doing there in the first place?  They were taking the southern route precisely so there wouldn't be any large icebergs in their path.

So, what was it doing there?

Well, let's start at the beginning.

No, wait.  I mean, let's start at the very end.


Sounds pretty grim, doesn't it?  Worse, global warming has been around even longer than most people thought.

That global warming really gets around, doesn't it?  All of which brings us to the year 1912.

This winter has been the warmest in thirty years and more ice has broken off the arctic shelf than usual.  Even the southern track is affected.

What killed the Titanic?

Global warming killed the mighty Titanic and murdered over 1,500 innocent souls.