History’s Mysteries: The Obama ’57 States’ Meme

All right-wingers know the story of Obama and his infamous "57 states" comment.  Here's a quick sampling:

Will Obama Stop the Snow From Reaching All 57 States?

For six fruitful years Obama brought “Hope and Change” to America, and ‘fundamentally transformed’ the nation, as well as plugged up holes in that ‘fatally flawed’ document – the US Constitution.  Now the time has come for Barack Obama to step forward and do something about the weather.

Obama Will Be Elected In 57 States – Watch and See

In 2008 when Obama was running for the presidency.  I remember all the people laughing at his lack of understanding America when he said he had visited all 57 states and found a lot of similarities.  Well, we all laughed.  Obama had the last laugh, for what he meant by the 57 states he had visited was not the U.S. at all.   What he meant by “the fifty-seven states” — 57 is the number of Muslim states in the UN .

Obama's Little Lies A Big Problem

Not surprising considering he forgot to mention that 22 Congressional Democrats sided with the Republicans to delay the individual mandate. But this is the same man who thought America had 57 states. Clearly, counting isn't one of his strongest points.

Now, for hopefully the last time, let me be as persuasive as I can be:


Just count them for yourself:

Traveled to every corner of the United States = 57

Didn't visit Alaska and Hawaii = 2

One left to go = 1

He believes there are 60 states.

He simply couldn't have been any clearer.