The Databases

Database Notes:

  • From what I can tell, all of these locations are real.  That is, they're not photoshopped late at night by some clown over at Google Earth just for the yucks.  I point it out because there have already been a couple of GE hoaxes, like a field-sized Maxim magazine cover that someone included in their YouTube video that a couple of billion people watched and now unquestionably believe is true.  After all, they saw it with their own two eyes!
  • The 'Glyphs' are huge ground designs with no attempt made to distinguish between ancient and new.  Animal glyphs have their own tour with the same disclaimer.  There's a scale on the lower-left that will give you an indication how mammoth some of these things are.
  • These are not 'complete' collections, just a 'best of'.  For example, there are zillions of hedge mazes out there, but many of them, as one would expect, are either hack jobs or have disintegrated over time.
  • On the subject, there are a whole bunch of 'famous' field designs that have faded severely (or simply been plowed under) since the first few rounds of Google Earth images hit the scene, such as the Land Shark, Dutch Windmill, Oprah, and a whole bunch of very cool (not to mention very convincing) alien crop circles.  These are collected in the two 'Oldies' sections, although only the crop circles have a video tour.
  • Also on the subject, it should be obvious that no guarantee is made that the image in the thumbnail still exists.  I'm pretty sure the Egyptian pyramids will still be there, but "Strange Carving In Desert" might be toast after the next big sand storm and fresh batch of GE images.  You should be able to view it using the time-shift feature.
  • I've left out the 'looks like' silliness, such as some lake that looks like a dinosaur or whatever.  The only one I included is "Indian with iPod" because, admittedly, it is pretty cool as these things go.
  • The order of the pics in the database usually matches the order they display in the video, although occasionally one might get shuffled to a different spot or tour.  Also, not every entry in the database is in the tours, since I don't remake the entire tour every time I add a few entries.
  • The master GE file for all of the sites is here.
  • See 'Location Notes' for info on the High-Res and 3-D spots, my own notes on a few specific locations, and a brief explanation of the Family Glyph.
  • Outside of the 3-D areas, I'm not including any famous landmarks or buildings.  There are plenty of terrific Google Earth tours around for the common stuff.  This project is for everything else.


3-D Cities Crop Circles Oddities – Americas
3-D Terrain Designs – Americas Oddities – Asia
Animals – Americas
Designs – Asia Oddities – Europe
Animals – Eurasia Designs – Europe Oldies
Geometric – Americas Overlays
Censored Sites Geometric – Eurasia Planes
Chess Boards
Glyphs Pools & Ponds
Commercial – Americas Google Goofs Structures
Commercial – Eurasia High Resolution Swastikas
Compass Roses Mazes White Horses
Craters Musical