This program is a perfect example of why it's so wonderful to be living in the digital age.  I would say it's almost as revolutionary as the VCR was in its day, in the sense that both ideas would have been completely inconceivable just a few years before.  What, little ol' you, actually tape a live TV show?  Impossible!  What, little ol' you, actually fly around the globe in your own private spy plane, zooming in on your neighbor's back yard while she's nude sunbathing?

Amazing, is the only word.

Not to mislead you, though.  These are older overhead images you're looking at.  The live video version is still a few years away.

A Google Earth 'tour' is the program flying from one pre-programmed spot to another.  The new (free) 'Pro' version can make them into smooth-flowing, high-quality videos.

While there are a number of Google Earth video tours on YouTube and the like, I've found almost all of them to have five major flaws:

1. The quality of the video is usually atrocious.  This is primarily because people are impatient, lazy and/or dumb and they're using the default recording levels rather than the time-consuming better levels.

2. The tours usually stop at each spot for a whopping 1.7 seconds — just long enough to barely get an idea of what we're looking at — before dashing off to the next spot.  Why?  Because 1.7 seconds is the default setting and they simply couldn't be bothered to, you know, actually look at any of the options.

3. No thought is given to the display order, so you end up bouncing all over the globe, again and again and again.  Granted, it's a great effect, but it wears a little thin after the 57th time.

4. It appears to be federal law that all Google Earth video tours be accompanied by some of the worst music in the galaxy.

5. Alien crop circles.  Ancient astronaut geoglyphs.  UFO landing sites.  That pretty much says it all.

This project is going to correct all five of these pesky little problems.