Three Hot, Female YouTube Drummers

So, there I was, innocently drifting around YouTube, when a clip appeared of a young female drummer.  Normally, I would have skipped over it, but the song she was covering was Boston's "More Than A Feeling', one of the all-time great rock songs, so I gave it a spin.

Having played drums in a high school rock band, Lo!, those many years ago, I judged her to be excellent.  I looked over her playlist and saw the classic drummer's song du jour, 'Wipe Out'.

And here it is:

Her YouTube page is here.

Ah, but wait.  There's obviously much more to drumming than mere drumming.  That should be obvious.

There's also the arcane, mystical art of drumstick twirling.

Here's a master of the craft.  What really makes her special is that she doesn't just wait for a break in the beat to give them a spin, she actually spins them on the way to clashing a cymbal, but you'll see what I mean — not to mention spinning them in opposite directions.

Her YouTube page is here.

Now, if this were an article on male YouTube drummers, the list of necessary attributes would be complete.  But it's not, is it?  Thus, along with excellent drumming skills and mastering the arcane art of drumstick twirling, there's one other critical attribute that the hot, female YouTube drummer must pay attention to:


I think we all agree that's the proper attire for a hot, female YouTube drummer.  Her YouTube page is here.  She's also wearing a hot outfit here.

Thanks for listening.  Glad to help.