The Tinker Bell Story

Yes, the Tinker Bell.


Actually, I always thought it was 'Tinkerbell', one word, but not so:

And, I guess I have to grudgingly admit that Disney probably knows better how it's spelled than I do.

But wait!, you holler in tumultuous turmoil, confounding confusion and discombobulated disbelief!  Doc?  Big, mean, tough-as-nails Doc Mercury has a post on… Disney fairies?  Why, Great Scott, tell us why!

Glad to.  Actually, there are three very good reasons for this post:

1.  She and her friends are sexy as hell.  That is, if you like short skirts, hot legs, tiny waists, high pert ones and adorable faces.  If so, then you came to the right place, my friend.

2.  The movies are a wonderful escape from the zaniness of the real world.  While not quite on the level of Toy Story when it comes to pleasing both kids and adults alike, they're close.  What they lack in being intricate enough to appeal to adults, they make up for — by far — with the fairies' sheer beauty and allurement.

3.  Did I mention how hot these little vixens are?

As for that "Is this actually a movie for adults?" question, do you know who John Lasseter is?  He's some Hollywood hack who's produced a few movies you might have heard of:

  • Toy Story
  • Toy Story 2
  • Toy Story 3
  • Toy Story 4
  • The Incredibles
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Monsters University
  • Finding Nemo
  • Finding Dory
  • Frozen

Oh, and all six of the following Tinker Bell movies.

So he's got that going for him.

And Mr. Lasseter's influence?  For starters, as with all his movies, there are a few delightfully comedic moments here and there.

(Tink accidentally douses the others with a deluge of water)

Tink: "I didn't do anything!  I just-"

(does it again)

Vidia: "Tink!  Could you stop NOT doing anything?"

And, as with his other movies, there are moments of pathos and despair, of love unrequited (or at least the doll/fish/fairy version thereof), as well as some wonderfully uplifting moments backed up by a beautiful music score.

So the movies have that going for them.


You've already seen a picture of our delightful, mini-skirted Tink.  Here are the other main players:

Vidia, the fast-flying fairy (creates wind)
Silvermist, the water fairy
Rosetta, the garden fairy
Iridessa, the light fairy
Fawn, the animal fairy

And there are a few other hotties who are in the spotlight in some of the movies:

Periwinkle, the frost fairy

Zerina, the pirate fairy

So we've got that going for us.

The Main Subjects Of Interest

That would be busts, legs and provocative poses, of course.

(As usual with a Doc Merc posting, all videos on this page are designed to be played in full-screen mode.  Click the little symbol on the lower-right of the player to open them up.)

As for the delightful busts, while most of them are average for fairies, a few are on the dainty side, such as Periwinkle:

And, while rare, a few of the fairies are a little more generous in this department:

But, after hungrily devouring each scene, you can decide for yourself just who's the hottest with a careful and exacting bust-by-bust examination.

As for the luscious legs these honeys put on display, it remains an open debate as to just who has the hottest set of stems.

To start off on the lower end (so to speak) of the scale, in my opinion, Zerina, while sporting a hot skirt and scrumptious hair, has the worst set, in that they're pretty spindly by fairy standards:

And I suppose there's a bit of irony in that Vidia, our haughty, superior-than-thou bitch, ends up having the second-worst pipes of the whole bunch, only revealed when Zerina switches their powers in Pirate Fairy, which takes Vidia out of her normal pantsuit outfit and sticks her in Tink's miniskirt.

Here's a good shot that compares Vidia's spindly pipes against Tink's luscious, shapely curves:

As for the rest of the immediate gang, they're all about the same.  Which is to say, perfect.

Some of the fairies, like Fawn, get a little sexier as time goes by.  For the first five movies, she's wearing pants.  But in Neverbeast, she's suddenly in a deliciously short skirt:

Also, in the first five movies, Fawn comes across as a bit on the plain side, barely comparing to the desirous beauty of Vidia, Silvermist and Loretta.

But in Neverbeast, along with the skirt, she also gets a real makeover.

And another thing that puts the HOT brand on these flicks is that the animators aren't hesitant to occasionally put the fairies into what might be considered a somewhat unladylike position:

And no, just so you're forewarned, even examining the scenes frame-by-frame with the Windows Magnification Tool, there never is a panty shot, much less a nip slip.  But you're welcome to examine them in depth for yourself.

And then there's the unfair way that gravity doesn't do its job in the fairy world.

That's just not right!

Of course, I just said there weren't any panty shots in this series.

For those of you scoring at home, they're green.

Or maybe they're white.

Or, hell, maybe I'm just wrong about this whole damn panty thing.

Either way, she's got that going for her.

Ah, but wait!  Aren't we forgetting something vital?  Of course we are.

Hip movement.

Perhaps it's slightly ironic that, in a children's genre, they were forced to call attention to the ladies' sexy swaying hips in the following short vid, but that's show biz, folks.  Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

The clip's name is Rainbow's End, but that's not the only end in view.

In this department, Rosetta is clearly the knock-out winner.  Those southern gals really have it, don't they?

As for my own personal preference; when it comes to overall attractiveness and enticement, from the first I've had a certain raven-haired beauty at the top of my list:

Exquisite might be the word.

Personal Anecdote Dept.

The other day I was in a doctor's office.  The gal behind the counter had a really spectacular tattoo on her forearm.  It was some kind of 'winged goddess' thing.  I commented how realistic the wings looked, and noted how difficult it is to make wings look like they're actually in mid-flight.

She said the wings were her favorite part.

I pulled out my keychain and said, "Yeah, I like wings, too."


Available here.

The Fan Vids

There are a number of fan vids on YouTube that grab various scenes of the movies and short videos and back them up with a righteous music track.  Here are my three favorites.

Demi Lovato singing Two Worlds Collide:

Video and lyrics are here.

That's actually the clip that started this whole thing.  I was reading some article that mentioned John Lasseter, so I cruised over to the IMDb and looked him up.  While glancing over his movies, I couldn't help but notice all of the Tinker Bell movies listed.  Puzzled, I drifted over to YouTube, punched in 'Tinker Bell' and clicked on the above vid.  Slightly bedazzled, I then watched a number of the short clips and fan vids, then ended up hunting through Usenet and the P2P sites to dig up all the movies.  Like the Toy Story series, not once while watching them did I stop and think, "Hey, this is just some dumb kid's movie!".  Perhaps I was too busy using the Windows Magnification Tool at the time to notice.

Then I knew it was time to pass along this wondrous world I had found to you.

Bea Miller singing Fire n' Gold:

Video and lyrics are here.

Jackie Evancho singing Come What May:

Video and lyrics are here.  I have a whole post on the incredible Jackie Evancho here.

4th Place: In the runner-up position, we have 'Pocketful Of Sunshine' by Natasha Bedingfield here.

And if you think the above fan vids took some work, you ain't seen nothin' until you've seen this.


There are a whole bunch of Disney Fairy short vids on YouTube.  They're usually just a minute or two.

Here's my favorite:

How To Have A Snowball Fight

  • Official "Go on without me!" line from any good war flick — check!
  • Official stolen line from Apocalypse Now — check!
  • Official typical kickass project from Tink — check!
  • Official adorable ending — check!

Those Disney people really know their stuff, don't they?

There are also two 'official' shorts that were released on DVD along with the main movies:

Pixie Hollow Bake Off (5:24)


Pixie Hollow Games (22:34)


Show Time

Okay, you've now been introduced to our little lovelies, have seen some enticing previews, and are eager to judge the busts, legs and poses for yourself.  So it looks like it's time to get to the serious stuff.

The movies actually are in order, in the sense that Tinker Bell evolves from basically a total screw-up to the savior of Pixie Hollow as the stories unfold, and there are other, more subtle things to be on the lookout for, such as the evolving relationship between Tink and Vidia.

Tink and friends, please take it away…

Tinker Bell


Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure


Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue


Secret Of The Wings


The Pirate Fairy


Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast


Last Thoughts

For those of you who have watched the six movies, I have a special treat for you here.

If you want to download any of these videos, click here.

The vids are in the excellent FLV streaming format, but not every media player can play them, so you'll probably want a good player like Media Player Classic.  Do everything on this page.

I haven't made a post of this magnitude in a few years, but somehow the situation seemed to warrant it.  As excellent as John Lasseter's films have been over the last decade, none of them have had the tiniest trace of actual sexiness to them, but this series made up for it.  And by far.