The ‘NCIS’ Series

Like I suppose a lot of blog themes, this started off as a single post, then I decided to turn it into a weekly event for the crowd on Maggie's Farm for the remainder of season seven.

I could elaborate at length on what it is about the show that makes it special, but it basically boils down to a great 'chemistry' between the actors, clever scripts, and a general gung-ho pro-America feeling.  The latter, of course, is always a refreshing change from the usual Hollywood liberal dogma.

The videos are designed to be played in full-screen mode.  Click on the little symbol on the player's tool bar to pop them open.

Take it away!

NCIS: A Moment Beyond Measure

NCIS: Lauren Holly + Small Mystery + Gibbs' Rules

NCIS: And Now For Something Totally Different

NCIS: That Special Someone

NCIS: Of Imps, Urchins, And Other Kid-Type Critters

NCIS: A Softer Side

NCIS: A Speculatory Event

NCIS: And the Moment Arrives

NCIS: Behind The Scenes

NCIS: Gettin' Near The End

NCIS: Pauley Perrette, Serial Killer

NCIS: Three-Year Update

NCIS: A Sweet Goodbye

NCIS: The Prop And Makeup Depts Take A Bow

NCIS: Tonight's The Night

NCIS: Week Five Recap

NCIS: An Insidious Plot Revealed

NCIS: Season 12, Mixed Bag

NCIS: 'Blast From The Past' Revisited

NCIS: New Orleans' Moment In The Sun