Doc’s Bag O’ Clips

The trouble with movie trailers is that they give too much away.  Honestly, to you guys in the biz, I actually don't want to find out the bad guy's hideout gets all blowed up at the end.  Honestly — and I guess this comes as a shock — I'd much rather be surprised.

So, I rarely watch them.  I'd much rather see clips like these, of particularly intriguing or scary or thrilling or funny scenes to inspire me to rent or buy the movie.  That's what this section is for.

These are designed to be played in full-screen mode, so click on the little button on the tool bar once they get going.  There are a few clips in more than one section.  Tech info is here.  Parental warning for mild nudity, strong language, and some really cool, gruesome, violent scenes scattered throughout.







Great One-Liners

Special Effects

Tough Guys

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