Cosplay: Tribute To A Master

To be honest, I don't have the slightest interest in cosplay.

On the other hand, I have a lot of interest in cosplay videos.

Perhaps I should explain.

'Cosplay', for the uninitiated, is short for 'costume play', which basically means dressing up as your favorite hero or heroine, be it from a comic book, video game, Hollywood movie or Japanese anime.  Personally, while I think it's great that others want to do this, I certainly don't have the slightest interest in doing it myself.

But then there's the hair.

I've seen a fair amount of cosplay videos on YouTube over the past month, at cosplay gatherings taking place in Europe, America, and various spots in Asia.

And, I must admit, neither white or black girls look very appealing in wildly colored hair.

But then there are the Asian girls.

Like those wearing red hair.

Or pink.

Or purple.

Or green.

Or blue.

Or orange.

Or auburn.

Or silver.

Or gray.

Or blonde.

Or platinum.

Or even plain ol' black.

With whiskers, no less.

As for the videos, most of them have the same faults.  They have crappy music tracks, they show too many guys, and they don't linger very long on the girls.  And, for that matter, they don't discriminate between so-so girls and the real knockouts.

But then there's the ultimate master of cosplay videography, a dude named NaThalang.  Many of his vids have truly righteous music tracks (like the two on this page), he includes a few guys here and there but focuses mainly on the girls, and he has exquisite taste in females, as you'll see below.  The third vid is my own 'best of' tribute.  His Facebook page is here, his YouTube page is here.

One real 'pro' thing he does is that he almost always has a pull-back shot where you can see the whole gorgeous outfit, as well as a close-up so you can appreciate just how exquisite some of these girls truly are.

And then there are the special effects he adds.  I don't recall any other cosplay videographer doing what he does.  The software he uses is quite sophisticated, adding flames and fireballs, sparkles and explosions — even the occasional dragon — encompassing a whole range of special effects.  It adds a completely new dimension to these exceptional pieces.

So, on with the show!  Click on the symbol on the lower-right of the tool bar to pop them open to full-screen size.

Here's one of his best:

Marvelous, wasn't it?  The music track is Forces by Jim Yosef.

And the second vid features an even better music track:

The music track is Can't Wait, also by Jim Yosef.

As for my 'best of' compilation, I went through a bunch of the big guy's vids, clipping out just the very best, but not including any of the lovelies in the above two vids.  While granting that tastes differ, I think you'll agree I did a credible job.

The music tracks are Two Worlds Collide by Demi Lovato, Pocketful Of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield and Fire And Gold by Bea Miller.

Again, kudos to NaThalang, truly a master of his craft.


I suppose you could call this section "The Evolution of NaThalang".

The order the 70+ NaThalang videos on YouTube are listed as 'newest first'.  So, the bunch I originally grabbed were his latest.

Then I started thinking about all the cuties I'd missed in the rest of the vids, so I downloaded the remainder with the intent of doing a second 'Best of' video.

What's notable is that his very first videos were terrible!

Well, not terrible, exactly, but they suffered from all the same flaws that other cosplay videos do.  Crappy music tracks, lots of ho-hum girls, usually from the waist up, and very brief shots of each honey.

Here's a quick example:

Here's this absolutely adorable little cupcake scampering along that I could have spent five minutes watching.  And what do we get?

3 seconds.

You'll notice a number of these quickie shots in the vids below.  I didn't want to include these sub-par clips, but the ethereal beauty of the girls won out.

What's fascinating is that, as time passed, ol' NaThalang tuned into what's really important.  Basically, he realized three things:

  • Cool songs were better than some generic music track, much less some electronic Japanese be-bop song like the above.
  • It's better to have fewer girls, longer shots of each, and concentrate on just the really good-looking ones.
  • Legs count.  And that's especially true with these thin little Asian nymphs and the adorable short skirts they're wearing in many cases.

The end result is the two great vids up above, and why he deserves the title master of his craft.

Best of, take 2:

The songs are Angelia by Richard Marx and Hold On by The Brevet.

Best of, take 3:

The songs are Where Does My Heart Beat Now by Celine Dion and In The Shape Of A Heart by Jackson Browne.


A few weeks after posting the above, I realized that there were still two things missing in order for this to be a proper tribute to NaThalang.

The most important was something that I'm sure you were eagerly anticipating while watching the above videos, and were sorely disappointed when you didn't see any.

I'm speaking, of course, of panty shots.

With all those lovelies bouncing around in those short skirts, one would assume that surely we'd get the occasional panty shot…

but no.

It was at this point that I pulled out the Windows Magnification Tool and went back through every frame of the big guy's 70+ videos, and I'm delighted to report that I found not one, but two panty shots for your lustful viewing pleasure.

The extra good news is that the chick flashing the panties is really hot:  Very short skirt, great big anime eyes, provocative moves, and, of course, two full-on frontal panty shots!

Sharpen up those eyeballs, friend, pop this vid open to full-screen size and prepare for the raw hotness before you:

Like you, I was stunned at the sheer sexuality on display, and it's amazing the YouTube Censorship Board didn't clamp down on such a blatant act.  Perhaps they weren't using the Windows Magnification Tool.  It must have taken some real courage on NaThalang's part to post such a wanton, brazen clip.  Again, kudos to the big guy.

And then there are the eyes.

As if the hair wasn't intriguing enough, at some point I realized that some of the eyes on display were equally amazing and deserved to be highlighted.

The two Enya songs are Ebudae and Boadicea.

Epilogue's Epilogue

And then the unthinkable happened.

A few months after posting the above, tragedy struck.

I was innocently looking up something on Google Images, then, when through, I typed in 'cosplay', just for the fun of it.  I saw — as expected — a number of white girls donning wildly-colored hair, but they simply weren't very appealing.

So, just curious, I typed in 'nathalang'.

Up popped a number of his videos, so I clicked on one, just for the heck of it.

And that's when the nightmare began:

I saw a really cute girl that wasn't in the above videos.  She's the preview pic below.

At that point, I knew there was only one thing to do: re-download all 70+ NaThalang videos, convert them all to AVI format for editing purposes, watch them all, snip out clips and complete the collection.  The first 'best of' compilation I made was of the A++ girls, the second the A+ girls, and the third the mere A girls.

It was time for the A- girls.

Because, when all is said and done, despite the sub-designation, an A girl is still an A girl.

And here you are:

The songs are Stay The Night by Benjamin Orr and Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds.

Author's note: This wasn't just a normal post — it was an adventure.