Considerate Husbands

What makes for a good marriage?  Cooperation, that’s what.

By compromising with your mate, meeting her halfway, looking out for her needs as well as your own.

That’s what makes for a good marriage.

With this in mind, I’ve scoured the globe looking for examples of considerate husbands so that others may learn from the standard they have set, and apply these lessons to their own marriage for the betterment of all.

Learning and sharing, that’s what the Web is all about.

Sam’s effort to protect his lovely wife Betty and her sister 
Margaret from the dangers of the open road by building this 
custom "roll-bar cage" was later copied by NASCAR.


Everyone knows that it’s a lot more fun (and certainly healthier) 
to row, rather than just sitting there being bored, but smart boaters 
also know that getting the nose of the boat up by ‘planing’ helps saves 
energy and thus prevents global warming.  Here Tom bravely sacrifices 
his own pleasure in order to save the planet, which, in turn, pleases his 
lovely wife, Jane.  See how that works, guys?


Wives are always saying, "Don’t worry, 
I’ve got it", but they don’t really mean it. 
Here Mike has shown us an excellent 
example of how sometimes you just 
have to insist on sharing the burden.


Sometimes what makes a marriage click is the roles the 
two participants play.  Here Jim bravely risks his health 
by smoking and taking on the ‘bad boy’ role as his wife,
Susan, remains healthy and invigorated.


Knowing that there was only room enough for one to 
sleep under the beautiful twinkling stars, here Dave has 
sacrificed his own comfort so that his lovely wife, Jill, 
could enjoy the star-sprinkled sky.  Further sacrificing his 
own comfort by getting his mountain bike out of her way 
showed the touch of the truly considerate husband.  Bravo, Dave!


And let’s not forget the ladies!  In the midst of a thunderous 
downpour, here Sarah nobly offers her husband, Henry, their only 
umbrella in order to stay dry.  Bravo, Sarah!  Give us a big smile!