A Tiger’s Tale


This is a tribute to TigerHawk.  These are all original pics taken from the web.  All I did was crop and caption.

I admit, it took some doing.

Repeated requests to Tiger for pictures of his youth went ignored, so I secretly appealed to his brother, Villy, and squeezed their mom's phone number out of him.  It turned out she was a delightful woman and was eager to contribute to my project.  In all candor, though, she admitted that the reason Tiger wasn't more forthcoming with photos was because of his rather checkered past.

But we'll get to that.

Baby's first photo!  Villy and Tige vie for Mom's attentions.
As you can see, Tiger was a pretty ugly kid, but most of it
cleared up over the years.


Ah, there's nothing quite like a kid's first Halloween!

Uncle Jim didn't need that ear, anyway!

Tige's first encounter with a wild animal!
This time, the fierce bunny rabbit won!
Guess who won the next time?
Guess who what they had for lunch that day?


Off to college!  A touching moment as
Dad kisses his grown-up son goodbye.

Tiger's sorrow is profound and deep…

…for at least five minutes!  Here's Tiger
bravely adapting to college life.


Being a natural mascot for the Princeton Tigers,
here's Tige lounging about with the boys in the
jacuzzi after a tough day of mascotting.

Tiger and Cindy, his college sweetheart.  He's not
licking his chops because he's hungry, folks.

Those wild frat parties!  Here the boys have hired
three professional strippers for some backyard fun.
Nice haunches, baby!  Show 'em!


Attempting to "find himself" after college, Tiger spent
the next few years trying out different lifestyles.  This
outfit was criticized by his Greenwich Village roommates
as being "too blasé."

This one was pretty popular, though.

Unable to fit into a normal society, Tiger resorts to the lowest
act of desperation known to man or beast and joins a sleazy
online dating service.

Historians, however, can see in these early days the seeds
of what would later become one of the premiere bloggers
of his time.  Note how he incisively breaks the question down
into its integral components, focusing on the key fact that
one of the "qualities" he desires in the opposite sex is that she
be "female".  Good spelling, however, was never his strong suit.

  The good news:  Well, just look!
The bad news: The suit's real.
No wonder he was confused!

Little is known about Tiger's dark
foray into the world of bondage.



With "Beast Wars" the popular rage with the kids,
Tiger tries to capitalize on his actually being a beast!

While establishing what would be his future blog motto,
Tiger is shocked to discover that the cheapskate game users
don't have to pay royalties for the characters they use!

Mr. Computer Technician!  And, if there'd
actually been any computers around in
those early days to fix, the business might
have done quite well!

Getting into the new "Wacky World Web" thing,
Tiger was crushed to discover that his "Web Mail" idea
was already being used by something called "E-mail".


Bravely risking his own life, Tiger saves little Timmy
McCutchins, son of John McCutchins, owner of Princeton
Savings & Loan. "We were both just doing what came
naturally," Tiger later recounted for the local paper.

In honor of his brave act, local citizens honor Tiger
in the next parade.  Historians note this moment
signaled the end of Tiger's dark days.


The idea of a 'site mascot' just
didn't sit well for some reason.

Ah, but how to break into the blogosphere, that was
the question.  The answer?  Simple.  The oldest
trick in the book:
Raw naked flesh!

Plus, get your hapless brother to post the lewd
photo so Mom won't be mad at you!  Brilliant!    

An average day of blogging as Tiger
goes after a New York Times article.


This article in the Boston Globe never had a chance!

Of course, blogging does have its rewards.  Here the lovely Chapman
sisters send Tige a sexy picture, inviting him to "get some tail".
Careful, buddy — they look underage to me!


Tige gives Doc a big hug for the moving tribute.  Yes, the
claw marks healed up quite nicely, thanks for asking.

Tige's a serious guy on his blogsite, but around the home he's
a regular cut-up.  Here he is cracking up right after taking a
match and giving Villy the old "hot paw" treatment.

Say, did you guys know Tige has a sister?

Although we all know Tige as a rough 'n' tough
blogger, he also has a deep romantic side to him.  Here
he's given his beloved wife a beautiful diamond necklace
for their 10th wedding anniversary.

The lovely Mrs. TigerHawk consults with her cubstetrician…

…and the cycle of life is complete.

  Thanks for being there, big guy.