The Difference

It's an amazing thing, really.

Consider what a phenomenally different reaction I have when my system melts down than you do:

You're innocently typing away on some blog site, or reading an article, or working on a personal project.

Suddenly, the computer locks up.  Or just reboots on its own.  Or maybe all you did was turn it on for the day.  And all you get is a…


Your computer has melted down.  All it takes is one little video driver, or maybe a malicious virus, to become corrupt and poof!  It's off to the shop for a week and — $250 later — it's working again.

And our wildly different reactions?


"Oh, no!  My computer's broken!  The last time this happened it was gone for a week and cost me $250!  I'm too busy right now!  This is a nightmare!  What am I going to do?  Damn, I hate computers!"

And me?

"Rats!  Now I have to go clean the bathroom!"

Pretty amazing, eh?

If you, yourself, would prefer spending 5 minutes cleaning the bathroom as punishment for hurting your poor, innocent computer while the C Drive is being restored, rather than having it spend an expensive week in the shop, then please head for the Setup page and let's get you doin' it right.  That whole "file back-up" stuff is nonsense.  This is the way the pros do it.