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To be honest, I rarely post something unless I believe it's possibly the first time anyone's ever written about it, or from that particular perspective.  So it's possible that almost every article on my Rainy Day site is unique in all the webosphere.  You're welcome to make your own comparisons. There are a few posts, however, that kind of stand out.  If you're looking for something fresh and new, spend a while on this page.

These should turn your head around a tad:

Who Killed JFK, Jr.?

Beautiful Camp Elmwood

Life On Other Worlds: By The Numbers

Want to play the paranoia game?  While you're complacently sitting there thinking the biggest governmental or regulatory threat to your life is the increase in prices from Obama's environmental policies, a far greater threat to our actual civil liberties is emerging from the shadows:

"Do These Genes Make Me Look Fat?"

Say, those new tennis shoes of yours sure look nice.  Do you mind if I weigh them on my new electronic scale to test it out?  Hey, how come one of them weighs a gram more than the other?

Got A Chip On Your Shoulder — Literally?

Of course, if paranoia is your bag, we wouldn't want to leave out…

Baby Steps

If you used to read the blogger TigerHawk, you'll appreciate:

A Tiger's Tale

And in case you know any vegetarians…

The Beady-Eyed Meat Eaters

In the media department, I think I can honestly say there's never been anything quite like my first 'NCIS' post:

NCIS: A Moment Beyond Measure

If you liked the TV show 'House MD', here's my…

House MD Tribute

If you're a fan of Michael Crichton, check out:

The Michael Crichton Challenge

For two fun you-are-there stories:

Colorado Travelogue

Treasure Hunting With A Metal Detector

Are you a cat or dog lover?  Then please don't read:

The Challenge

While the Art Gallery, itself, is pretty nice, some of the original pictorials have a fresh take:

Geography Quiz

Public Service Announcement

Considerate Husbands

The Greatest Gifts

And, while I wouldn't claim my collection of web videos (in the Art Gallery) is any better than the next, I can almost guarantee you've never seen anything quite like Doc's Bag O' Clips.


And I suppose, by definition alone, my History's Mysteries section is full of unique goodies.  I particularly like the one about Magellan and the one about World War II.